Boston Classic College Campus


English Camp Boston – the old and the newIH Boston is proud to work in collaboration with Wheelock College to provide an English Camp USA experience that is unique to Boston; a classic college campus experience in peaceful and safe surroundings, only minutes away from downtown Boston. Part of the famous green parks and waterways known as the Emerald necklace, the campus is right next door to the home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway park, creating a lively and exciting atmosphere on game days. Students are only five minutes walk from the central Boston transportation system, the T, which takes them out to explore the city in the afternoons and summer evenings. Because of its central location, English Camp Boston is only fifteen minutes from Boston Logan International Airport, leaving more time for learning English and having fun up to the last minute!


Established in 1888, Wheelock is well known as a liberal arts college with a rich history in teacher education. The classrooms are modern and recently renovated, with the latest in classroom technology including digital projectors and Mac computers. Students are seated in desk chairs, which allow the teachers to use pair and group work to help students improve their communication skills and team-work. The classrooms we have for English Camp Boston are well-equipped, air-conditioned, light and spacious.


The dormitories in Wheelock were renovated in 2011 and include a common area for students to socialize with international students from around the world, with “chill out” areas, laundry facilities and also a movie theatre for summer movie nights. Students are able to check their email, keep in touch on the Internet on the communal computers, or enjoy a game of table tennis or table soccer in the common area. The bedrooms are designed for comfort and convenience, with a desk for doing homework and a personal closet for keeping clothes for each student. A comfortable sleeping and study area is also important for an English camp. Boston can get warm in the summer, but all common areas and a limited number of IH Boston dorms are air-conditioned. The dormitories are single, double and triple beds with communal bathroom facilities. Both in class and in the dormitory and common areas student get lots of language practice in English Camp Boston.


Good food and lots of choice is important teenagers on English Camp! Boston is famous for its seafood specialties including clam chowder and lobster rolls. On campus Wheelock has a modern, recently renovated cafeteria where students are able to choose from a variety of different foods including salad bars, wok cooking, a wood-fired pizza oven, a sandwich station and international food. Hot breakfast is also available, along with fruit and plenty of healthy options, however, an English Camp USA experience wouldn’t be complete without some burgers and American classics too!


English Camp Boston campus


  • Beds per room: 2
  • Bathrooms: private
  • Air-conditioning: all common areas, some bedrooms
  • Wi-fi: yes
  • Classes / week: 15 hours, Mon-Fri mornings.
  • Excursions / week: 5 half-days, 2 full days
  • Distance from Downtown Boston: 20 minutes by subway
  • Meals: Mon-Fri: Full board on campus. Sat and Sun: Brunch and Dinner on campus
  • Dates: 30 June – 11 August