Classes and Excursions


At IH New York and IH Boston, our goal is to provide you with the best study vacation USA has to offer. The USA is filled with interesting people, great sights, and fascinating culture – who wouldn't want to come here for a study vacation? Boston and New York, two of the country's most famous cities, are perfect for your summer English experience.


Study English – great teachers  Great facilities at study vacation Boston and New YorkMost of our students stay with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They come alone or with friends, but stay with us on campus the whole time. Other students, however, come to the USA with their family, or stay here with friends or relatives. Not all of these students wish to stay on campus, because they want to spend time with their family and friends. While our main program is all-inclusive – featuring classes, excursions, and accommodation – not all of our students need accommodation. If you wish to stay with friends or family in Boston or New York, but still attend our summer camp, then our Classes and Excursions program is perfect for you. You can come to camp in the morning, take part in our classes, excursions, and activities, then return home in the evening.


Study Vacation New York – on our way to the MoMA to check out the Picassos and the Warhols!

At our New York Central or Boston campus, you can start with classes in the morning an stay with us until either dinner time, or the end of the evening’s excursions at around 9.30pm That's a full day of fun and learning with your new friends and teachers! If you have other plans with your friends and family, you can receive permission to leave early, as long as your parent or guardian fills out the proper paperwork or picks you up from us. Your safety is the most important thing to us.


With so many options for your summer camp experience, IH is clearly the best study vacation Boston and New York have to offer.


If you would like to stay with family or friends, and attend classes but not the excursions, click here for information about our Classes Only program.