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The USA is such a great place for a study vacation. Boston is the historical capital of the country, and New York is the most exciting city on the planet. With beautiful architecture, trendy shops, historic sights, and diverse culture, who wouldn't want to come for a Boston- or New York study vacation? An all-inclusive experience is a great choice for many students, however, we understand that some students prefer more independence. Maybe you've come to New York with your family, or you're staying with relatives or friends who want to show you around the city themselves. You want to see the sights with your family and friends, but you still want to have the benefit of English classes.

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For students who areexperiencing the US on their own, but want to improve their English in the classroom, we offer a program of only classes – no excursions or other activities. Not only do you still receive the benefit of instruction by our University of Cambridge-certified teachers, but you also still have the chance to meet new teenagers from around the world. You can turn your summer vacation into a New York study vacation!


Classes-only students arrange their own accommodation, meals, and transportation. Classes are held on-site at Fordham University in New York City and Wheelock College in Boston. You are required to be at class, of course, but for the rest of the day, you are free to do as you (and your family and friends) wish. You are in class for 15 hours a week, so you can be sure you'll improve your English and make new friends doing it!

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Taking classes only is perfect for the independent student who wants to make the most of their New York study vacation. With our classes-only program, you can live your own life in New York, while getting the extra attention to your English so you can speak and live like a real New Yorker!


If you don't want to stay with us on campus, but want to experience both classes and excursions, click here for information about our Classes and Excursions program!