Study Vacation USA – goin’ underground

Is it safe?

The USA is an extremely safe place for a study vacation. Boston and New York are two of the safest cities in North America and all of our campuses have great security. Every member of our staff is security checked and trained to work with young people.


What’s included?

Accommodation, 3 meals a day, English classes, local transportation, supervised excursion and activity program. Airport transfers are included only for groups of ten or more students.


Study Vacation USA – Let’s Go Yankees

What isn’t included?

Optional excursions, flights, insurance (but we can help you with this), and airport transfers (though they are included for groups of ten or more).


What are optional excursions?

In the summer, we can organize trips to 6 Flags, Washington DC, Philadelphia, a baseball game, a Broadway show, a limo ride, a trip to the shopping outlet malls (these are only for groups of 10 or more).

In the winter, we can arrange trips to the outlet malls, broadway shows, a limo ride and also a ski mountain!


Do I need a visa for my stay in the USA?

Our courses are all for 15 hours per week, so that means you only need to have a tourist visa. If you come from a visa-waiver country, you can just apply for ESTA (https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/). If your country isn’t in the visa waiver program, we’ll send you a visa support letter; all you have to do is make an appointment at the embassy for a tourist visa interview.


How long are the courses?

In New York you can arrange for anywhere from a 1-week to a 5-week study vacation. Boston programs are from one to six weeks – and remember that you can make the best of a study vacation in both cities with a fantastic combination course.


How many students are there in a class?

Our classes have a maximum of 15 students.


What countries are the students from?

Last summer, we had students from over 30 different countries! 


What if I don’t want to live in the residence?

If you are staying somewhere in the city with family or friends, you may attend just classes, or just classes and excursions.


What about medical attention?

Medical procedures can be expensive – it is essential that all students have insurance and that we have a copy of their policy. We have insurance available for $60 for up to 30 days, then just $2 a day after that.


How much money will I need?

Because our courses are all inclusive, you won't need money for anything besides snacks and souvenirs. We would say $100 per week is more than enough. Though you may spend more if you're interested in a lot of shopping!


What are the dates?

All camps start on Sunday 30 June 2013.  New York camps finish on Sunday 4 August 2013 and Boston camp finishes on Sunday 11 August.


Who can come?

We accept students aged 12 to 18 years. However, home-stay students must be at least 14 because they will be traveling alone on the subway.


What should I do next?

Contact us at info@ihnewyork.com or on +1 212 732 0288 for more information or to request an application form.


What is a New York / Boston combination course?

You can attend camp in both Boston and New York to get the best of both worlds! Choose how many weeks you want to spend in each city. You can fly into Boston and out of New York (or vice versa). An accompanied transfer between the two cities is included in the price.


How much do airport transfers cost?

New York (JFK – Kennedy, EWR – Newark Liberty or LGA – LaGuardia) $180 each way. Boston Logan $130 each way.


What happens on the airport transfer?

On arrival, there will be a member of our team waiting for you in our bright colored t-shirts.  We will welcome you to the country and put you into your car to take you to the campus, where our management team will be waiting for you.


On departure, you will be collected from the campus by our excellent private car company, who will take you to the correct airport and drop you at the appropriate terminal.


What if you want more help at the airport?

Some people choose the Unaccompanied Minor Service.


What’s the Unaccompanied Minor Service?

For an extra $200, we can send a named person to wait at your terminal for you on arrival, collect you from the airline staff and accompany you back to the campus in the car.  On departure, the named person will take you to the airport and help you check in, then take you to security and hand you over to the airline staff.


$200 is a lot of money – why is it so expensive?

Because you have one member of our team allocated only to you for the whole of the airport experience – this can take 4 or 5 hours or maybe a whole day


Who should take the Unaccompanied Minor Service?

A few airlines insist that minors take an Unaccompanied Minor service with them – and so if you fly with those airlines then you must book the Unaccompanied Minor service with us also.  We also recommend that first-time flyers take this service and students under 14 years old.  We find that 14-year-olds and older who have flown before have no problem at the airport, but please contact us if you would like to discuss whether you need to use the Unaccompanied Minor service.


Is everything in the same building? If not, how far between buildings?

All of campuses are very compact – with the accommodation building, the catering building and the classroom building just 2-5 minutes from each other.


What are your security measures?

The USA is a very safe place for a study vacation. Boston and New York are in the top-10 safest US cities rated by Forbes magazine. At our camps, students are never permitted outside of the building alone. They must always be with a partner. After dark, students must be accompanied by a member of staff.

On excursions, all students carry an identification card with vital information: name, nationality, native language, school address, and emergency contact numbers. If they get lost, they need only to show this card to a police officer. On excursions, students are never permitted to leave the staff members alone. They must always be with at least one other student, and have to check-in with staff at designated times.


What's the accommodation like?

All of our campuses are located on the premises of a college or university. Therefore, students stay in university dorms, which are shared rooms with 2 beds. The rooms are all very comfortable, furnished, and air-conditioned.


What can I do during my free time?

All of our campuses have common areas for students to relax in. Many of them feature TV's and games (such as billiards and table tennis), and some even have musical instruments (such as pianos). However, we have a very busy program of activities, so there isn't a whole lot of free time.


Is it possible to get en-suite accommodation?

The New York Central campus has private en-suite bathrooms, but unfortunately our other sites do not.  Our campuses are American universities, where most of the students live communally and share common bathrooms and facilities.


How far are the campuses from the airport?

Classic College campus: 40 minutes from JFK, 30 minutes from LaGuardia, 50 minutes from Newark

New York City Central campus: 30 minutes from JFK, 20 minutes from LaGuardia, 45 minutes from Newark

Boston campus: 30 minutes from Boston Logan


Are there any other groups on the campus?

At the Boston and New York Central campus, we share the site with some American groups. At the New York Classic College Campus, we are the only group on site.


What kinds of facilities are available? Any sports facilities etc.?

There are sports facilities on all campuses, though none of them have a swimming pool.  You will be able to play soccer, volleyball, baseball and at the Classic College campus in New York there is beach volleyball and private tennis coaching available.


Are the classes any good? Are the teachers qualified to teach?

All of our teachers are University of Cambridge-certified, and have been chosen for their experience working with children or their great attitude and energy (as well as teaching ability, of course).


What kind of materials do we use in class? Is there a book?

We produce our own unique materials, and each student receives their own workbook. Our books have New York and Boston themes and focus on interesting topics such as music, movies, US history, and American culture.


How far are the excursion destinations?

New Central and Boston campuses are around 30 minutes from the main excursion destinations by subway. New York Classic College campus is around 45 minutes away and travel from the campus is on the classic American yellow school bus.


Why are you better than other New York and Boston language schools?

We have more excursions, the best-qualified teachers, super food, and great campuses. There's a reason students return to us every year to repeat the great time they had the year before.


Is there an application fee?

No, but there is a deposit.


How much is the deposit?

$200 to secure your place

When do I have to pay the rest?

1 month before arrival at the latest, otherwise your place will be given away.


Is there an application deadline?

No, but we do expect our campuses to sell out during the busiest periods. You should book by the end of April if you want to guarantee your place.


How many other students will be there?

Each campus will have 80-200 students. Some of the students come in groups, but there are always lots of people who come alone – so you can be sure to meet new friends from around the world. Check out our Facebook page to see some of the people who came to us last year!


What is the food like?

Food on campus is great. It is always all-you-can-eat buffet style, with hot and cold choices, as well as options for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. We make sure to have healthy options at every meal, such as fruits and salads. Water, various juices and sodas, and hot drinks are available at every meal. There is always more than enough to eat, and our students always love the food. When we are away from campus, we have either pre-packed meals, which are typically sandwiches, which include a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a drink, a cookie, and some kind of snack (e.g. potato chips). We often eat out at restaurants, and we make sure to pick not only delicious restaurants, but also locations that offer a variety of options so that all students may be happy.