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Summer Camp New York – Check out the view from the Top of the Rock!The USA is the perfect place to come for an English language summer camp. New York, the most exciting city on the planet, and Boston, the historical capital of the USA, have so much to offer a young adventurous student of English. IH New York summer camp and IH Boston summer camp offer the best English study vacation for young learners.


New York is the most active city in the world; with world famous sights, shops, shows, and restaurants, it's the best place to have fun and study English. IH New York offers the perfect combination of English learning and exploration of the “City that Never Sleeps.” We have a great balance of classes and excursions so you can improve your English, all while having the time of your life. We also provide you with high-quality accommodation, staying in residential buildings at either Concordia College or Fordham University. And, most importantly, we put your health and safety above all else. IH is the best summer camp New York can offer.


Boston Summer Camp combines the most interesting historical city in the USA with a fantastic study English program in America’s academic and intellectual capital. What better place for you to study English?


And if you can’t make up your mind between Summer Camp New York and Summer Camp Boston, then why not have the best of both worlds and join a combination course!


Though New York and Boston are two of the safest cities in North America, traveling always has some risks. With IH New York and IH Boston, you can be sure that you will be safe at all times. Our high-quality staff are trained specifically to work with juniors, and know just what to do in any situation. At our camps we have 24-hour supervision, so you have no need to worry.


All our teachers are University of Cambridge qualified, so you can be sure your classes will be of higher quality than at any other program in the area. We offer you 15 hours of class per week – more than enough time to make sure your English is the best it can be. On top of this, our teachers make sure not only that your English improves, but also that you have fun while learning. We structure our classes around things that interest you: New York, the USA, movies, sports, and music among many other topics.

Meet new friends from all over the world at Summer Camp New York!

IH New York and IH Boston offer you more supervised excursions to the most popular sites than any other program in the area. With either 5 half-day and 2 full-day excursions, or 4 full-day excursions per week, you'll be sure to see all there is to see during summer camp. New York campers will visit the best sights, for example: the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State building. At our Boston summer camp, you’ll see Harvard University, the Freedom Trail of the city’s many historic sites and you will even have the chance to go whale watching!


All of our accommodation is on classic American college campuses. You live in student residences, sharing rooms with a classmate or two. All our rooms are comfortable, furnished, and air-conditioned. On campus, you can find all kinds of activities for your leisure time: sports facilities and TV lounges to name a few. You'll have plenty of time and space to have a great time with all your new friends from around the world! Why not come for the best summer camp New York and Boston have to offer?


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