English Classes

Our own English Summer Camp New York coursebook


At IH Summer Camps, our priority is that you excel in English. That's why we provide you with substantial time in an intensive classroom environment. You have class for 15 hours a week, 100% in English. Our students come from all over the globe, andhave a variety of levels of English. We place you in a class with students who are at the same level as you, so you can learn in the right environment. Join us in the two best places for an English summer camp: New York and Boston!


Our teachers are fun, dedicated, enthusiastic, and highly qualified. All of our teachers hold the University of Cambridge CELTA certification, the most widely recognized qualification of English teaching. In addition, each teacher has been specially trained to teach young learners (and they all love it!).


If you're looking for a great learning experience at your English summer camp, Boston and New York have just what you need. At IH Summer Camps, we design a unique curriculum just for you – we write and publish our own book specially for our camps each year. We know the topics that will interest you while you're at an English summer camp: New York, the USA, music, celebrities, movies, sports, and your own hobbies. You will never just sit in class and listen to a boring teacher. Instead, you will have interesting discussions with your classmates, play games, listen to real New Yorkers, and learn about life in the USA.


Learn through doing at English Summer Camp Boston and New YorkThe best way to learn a language is to use it. That's why our focus is on the practical use of language. You will improve your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation by listening to real Americans and speaking with your classmates and teachers. Our courses are designed to motivate you and quickly improve your fluency and accuracy when speaking English.


The maximum size of our classes is 15 students, so you will have a very personal experience with your teacher. Your class will be full of students from all over the world, so you will have no choice but to speak English to communicate with your new friends!


It's obvious that for an English summer camp, New York and Boston are the two best cities. With IH you can see the cities and excel in English at the same time!