The USA has become the center of English in the world, so it's the perfect choice for a study vacation. However, we know you're not only interested in studying English, but also experiencing our country while you're at summer camp. New York and Boston are such great cities, of course you need to explore them for yourself!


Our excursion program is specifically designed to let you get the most out of your experience at summer camp. New York and Boston have a lot to offer, and we make sure you see it all. We offer more supervised excursions to the most famous attractions than any other program in the area. You will have either 5 half-day and 2 full-day excursions, or 4 full-day excursions per week. Our excursions are led by our fun, energetic, and enthusiastic team of teachers and staff who know and love New York and Boston. You'll explore the city while learning about American life, history, and culture. We always travel in small groups, with one teacher for every ten students at our summer camp. New York and Boston are huge, so we give you a nice, small, and personalized experience.


For a student looking to see the sights during their summer camp, New York has got to be the best place to do it in. Some of the highlights of our New York excursion program include the Empire State Building, the MoMA, Central Park, and Times Square. We work hard to include educational aspects into our excursions, like interesting facts, fun quizzes, and scavenger hunts. Though, if you feel bored of art, history, and architecture, there are the excursions such as Fifth Avenue for shopping, and Coney Island for a day of roller coasters and the beach! We offer something for everyone.

A view from the Bridge at Summer Camp New York

If you want to get a taste of American history and culture during summer camp, Boston has everything you need. From the sites that launched the American Revolution and the world-renowned Harvard University to the Modern Art Museum and the whale watching trip, you’ll never be bored in New England’s cultural, historical and academic capital.

A slice of history at Summer Camp Boston

Our packages are all-inclusive, so you won't be paying extra for things like subway rides or museum entrances. We take care of all that for you, so you can focus on having a great time.