Student Care

Learn some subway English – New York

IH is the best summer camp New York and Boston have to offer, especially when it comes to safety. Traveling alone can be difficult and worrisome for a person coming to the USA. It's natural that you would be concerned about safety during your stay at summer camp. New York and Boston are, however, two of the safest cities in North America. At IH New York and IH Boston, we make your safety our top priority.


Everything we do ensures your safety – both preventing any problems from occurring, and being prepared to respond properly as soon as anything happens. Our students have the benefit of 24-hour supervision, so our staff is always there to take care of any issues during summer camp. Boston and New York can be tough, but that's why we're here.


All of our students receive a special identification card. Each card has important information on it in case of a problem: the student's name, age, and home country; emergency contact numbers at the school and at home, and the address of the school. That way, if a student has any problem at all, they can easily be helped.


We make sure our students are safe at all times during our summer camp. New York and Boston are full of exciting sights and activities, and we experience all of it. Your safety is guaranteed on our excursion program. We travel in small groups and have several safety measures in place in case of problems. When we visit places like museums, students are allowed to explore the area away from the staff only if they stay with another student and check-in with the staff at specific meeting times.

Summer Camp New York accommodation has everything you need

Each night our staff checks every room to make sure each student is present before lights-out. If you aren't staying at the campus, we make sure your parent or guardian meets with one of our staff before taking you home. It is vital to us that you stay safe.


For a parent, sending your child to a foreign country by themselves can be very brave. You are often wondering if they are OK, and it can be difficult to contact them. Luckily, at IH, we are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of any issue. Parents have access to a dedicated phone number so that they may contact our management team any time, any day. IH is by far the safest summer camp New York and Boston can offer a foreign parent. Wi-fi throughout each of our campuses also allows you to remain in contact with your son or daughter 24 hours a day.